BSPN Media Intro


BSPN Media is an on line "video on demand" company focused on promoting box office films to on line viewers. BSPN Media offers the most effective way to reach viewers by offering the latest movies, utilizing a state of the art portal, easy to use smart phone apps, and compatibility with Smart TV's and video game console's.

We at BSPN Media pride ourselves and are committed to the film and entertainment industry by supporting and helping to protect the studio's and artist's intellectual property. Our unique business model is to over deliver our viewer's expectations, provide a price/value relationship to our advertisers and subscribers, and to protect, honor and cherish the artistry of the entertainment we deliver. By supporting the film industry and its artists and providing demographically targeted local and global advertising, all of our business partners benefit. BSPN Media's collaborative efforts with studios and their artists, along with local and global advertisers, while constantly listening to and responding to our viewers is our business model. Technology has changed the traditional distribution channel for entertainment and BSPN Media is blessed and fortunate to be at the forefront of this exciting change helping develop BSPN Media business model and API for our studio, advertising and viewing partners. Thank you for supporting BSPN Media, Thank you for supporting our advertisers and Please enjoy your entertainment!

  • BSPN Media

  • Atlanta, GA

  • Willa Ford

  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 2:00

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